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“Some road rules when driving up to Malaysia.” was penned precisely on 25 November, 2007 04:34 PM, which happened to be a Sunday. but you know what? dullneon.com's random notes has now moved to a new location.

 25 November, 2007 04:34 PM
Some road rules when driving up to Malaysia.

  1. If you think you’ve found it the first time, you’re probably lost.
  2. “Straight ahead” is a relative term.
  3. Road signs work on a backtracking system: seeing a sign probably means that you’ve just missed the turning.
  4. Different maps may mark the same spot differently.
  5. Just because the policeman smiled at you and gave you detailed instructions does not necessarily mean he was right.
  6. “Jalan Sehala” means “one-way street” in Malay, so stop wondering why you keep seeing the same Sehala Road.
  7. Just because it is a one-way street where you’re on doesn’t mean the road can’t change into a two-way street.
  8. The place you want to visit will be on the other side of the road.
  9. To turn right, you may have to keep left.

A spot-on list from the ExpatSingapore website. As humorous as some may sound, those of us who have been in a car to Malaysia know these things are not exaggerations at all. But it’s not as if it has stopped us from visiting our friendly neighbours across the Causeway from time to time.

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