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Mon, Dec 31 “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”.

It has been a long time since this site was built and it’s showing its age. Out of date xHTML/CSS code, too many 404 errors, an ageing publishing engine, weird directory names which I can’t recall creating and the itch to try something new are but some of the reasons why I am embarking on a massive overhaul of things ‘round here. Most links will remain unchanged but there will be glitches here and there as I re-design in public.

I will still be updating random notes, though maybe with a little less vigour. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated (and here’s the RSS feed for my frequently updated link log, via Ma.gnolia.)

I am also in the midst of evaluating whether I should to upgrade to newer versions of MovableType or to re-learn shit all over again with WordPress, so over the course of the next 60+ days, dullneon.com will be under severe re-construction. So there may be radio silence from time to time…

Here’s wishing everybody a good year ahead.

Sun, Dec 30 Comments on classic photography.

This is great satire: if past masters of photography uploaded their work to photo sharing sites, what would the masses say?

(It really does happen, you know.)

Fri, Dec 28 Random Friday Music: Top 10 albums of 2007.

Thu, Dec 27 The more pixels you have, the worse off your image is.

I don’t know how true and verifiable this is, but apparently, having more than 6 megapixels on your digital camera doesn’t count for shit.

Wed, Dec 26 Reverse shoplifting.

Shopdropping is now the purview of culture jammers and indoor street artists. There will come a day when ad agencies decide to do some guerilla marketing with shopdropping tactics, make big news out of it and make this subversive, underground and possibly illegal activity completely commercial and legit.

Tue, Dec 25 It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s…

The Aptera is actually an American-made hybrid car that is just unbelievably fuel efficient: it apparently can run for slightly more than 200 kilometres on just one litre of petrol! It’s available now and is priced at US$27,000 — sounds like a snip with all that fuel you’d be saving.

Mon, Dec 24 Random Music Video: To Cut A Long Story Short (Cazals).

A great cover of Spandau Ballet’s 1980 hit To Cut A Long Story Short by the Cazals.

Sat, Dec 22 21st century Iwo Jima.

21st century Iwo Jima, an award winning ad by Draft/FCB South Africa

Fri, Dec 21 Random Friday Music: Burial.

Thu, Dec 20 Threadless window display art.

Joe Suta creates 3 huge paintings every week to go in the Threadless store window - the paintings are hand-crafted mashups of all of the winning designs that week
Every week, Joe Suta at Threadless mashes up all the winning designs and creates three 122cm by paintings out of them that go into the Threadless Chicago store’s display window. The older ones get sold on the Threadless site for US$250 a piece and some are just beautiful. If not for the international shipping, I think I might be tempted to grab a piece or two…

Thu, Dec 20 IE8 passes the Acid2 test.

Blimey! Just after Opera complained against Microsoft having such a crap browser, the IE team breaks the news of the still-in-the-works Internet Explorer 8 which seems to be closing the gap on IE’s poor standards support.

If there is going to be yet another browser war, you can bet your house Microsoft is going to be right in the thick of it.

Mon, Dec 17 Invisibles codes on print-outs from laser printers.

Various manufacturers printed an invisible code onto each page that comes out of one of their laser-printers
So, there was this rumour I once heard of where apparently manufacturers printed an invisible code on every page that is output by their laser printers. Well, now we have proof that it it true.

Mon, Dec 17 Goodbye, Lounge72.

It was good while it lasted.

Fri, Dec 14 The couch was Paul.

Everybody at EMI had become part of the furniture. I’d be a couch; Coldplay are an armchair… Robbie Williams, I dread to think what he was.

Fri, Dec 14 Random Friday Music: Battles/LCD Soundsystem.

Thu, Dec 13 Property brochures, advertising agencies and tyrants.

If you are in advertising, you have to see this hilariously ‘oh-so-true’ video.

Thu, Dec 13 The first computer ‘bug’ ever found.

The discovery of the first ever computer bug

A moth found was found trapped between the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator while being tested at Harvard University in 1947. The moth was literally added to the computer log and tagged as the “First actual case of bug being found”. Later, they would use the word “debugged” when the moth was removed from the machine.

Wed, Dec 12 The completion of a stunning recovery.

Steven Gerard missed the subsequent penalty but was there to knock home the rebound
It’s great we made it through but… uhmmm… am I the only one who thought the Champions League could have been sacrificed for a concerted assault on the Premier League title?

Mon, Dec 10 The LaCie Hard Disk, designed by Neil Poulton.

The LaCie Hard Drive by Neil Poulton adds style to your desktop

Mon, Dec 10 Ireland bans the traditional lightbulb.

These bulbs use technology invented during the age of the steam engine. By getting rid of these bulbs we will save 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

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